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Do not expect them to publish release notes until sometime in January like usual  ... until the IRS is ready to receive returns by efile consider the program incomplete and subject to changes.  


Patience will be needed while thousands of changes need to be done ... and of course the IRS changed the forms again which is also more to deal with.   The new program is NEVER EVER  up to speed before  late January and many things will not be operational well into February or later. 


In my opinion they should not distribute any undeveloped program  but the users demand the program be released early so they get what they asked for ... an incomplete semi operational beta version ... and all just to capture the market share by locking in users.  



When will my forms be ready?

Historically, IRS tax forms start becoming available in January, with a few stragglers (most notably Form 1040X) getting finalized in February.

State tax forms can become available for filing any time between December and late February, depending on the state and the tax form.

For specific forms and dates, refer to the Forms Availability Table for your TurboTax product, see the related information below.


Can I Still Work On My Return Before My Forms are Ready?

Yes, according to the following:

Federal Taxes
You can still work on your return and finish most of it. Once your forms become available, we’ll create the forms and include all of your info.

You’ll only be able to e-file or print your return once the forms are available.

While you’re working on your return, we’ll ask if you want to receive email updates when your forms become available.

State Taxes 
If your forms aren’t available, you’ll get a message asking you to return once they become available.

While you’re working on your return, you’ll have a chance to let us know you want to receive email updates when your forms become available.

Related Information:

           IRS Forms Availability Table for TurboTax Individual (Personal) Tax Products


Click on the REVIEW tab and the program will tell you what in your return is still NOT ready and the estimated date it will be (subject to change of course ) ... you can put in for an email alert when they are ready ....


2019 form 1040

2019 Sch 1

2019 Sch 2

2019 Sch 3

NEW for Seniors ….   2019 form 1040SR