Re: How do I fix rejected taxes
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was your efiling after 10/15/2019.      if so, efiling was closed for 2019 so your return could not have been filed and no payments were made .  now you will have to print and mail the returns.    you can use IRS website to make payment so you don't need to send it along with return.  if yo have a state return, most states allow paying through their website    


follow TT filing instructions including making sure required documents such as W-2 are attached.     use a method where you can track them or get proof of delivery.   


because TT is updating to 2019 returns, as of now, you'll only be able to print forms and schedules required for filing.  if yo want copies of the worksheets, you'll have to wait til some time in December when TT online for 2019 is open


balance due on federal and most state returns was due 4/15/2019.  so don't be surprised if you get bills for late payment penalties and interest. 

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