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wait, wait -- there is atleast one such in case law ( I read it a few years ago -- a California family   ) -- this is equitable ownership  -- the house was bought for and use of the current owner  by the mother -- the mortgage , property taxes  were paid by the OP and thus under equitable ownership doctorine, the house has always belonged to the beneficiary --  unless of course the mother was not actually the straw owner  and actually paid for the house  and therefore the transfer from mother to daughter was a sale  and not  just paper transfer .

@TiffanyRM  can you please clarify -- give some  near real figures , dates and circumstances.  If this is not a case of equitable ownership then  I am wrong and also you will need to consider this as a  sale "not at arms length: and the ramifications  thereof  for both the buyer and the seller  ( including reselling time restrictions for a proper arms length subsequent disposal ).