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Get your taxes done using TurboTax

I am in the process of completing my tax return for 2018 and will e-file my return by or before 10/15/2019. When I go to review my tax return for errors it shows an entry for Tennessee which I do not have. I could have made a mistake by hitting the state only once and that pulls us Tennessee instead of hitting the state selection twice and getting Texas. I am a residence of Texas and this mistake will not let me e-file my return because of this error. The error appears in my personal information that indicates that my permanate(sp) address is in Tennessee instead of Texas, how do I correct this? I am using TurboTax Premier, I would also like to upgrade to Turbo Tax Home and Business. The outlet did not have it when I went to buy TurboTax for 2018. I would like to upgrade for $10.00 but somehow I could not make it happen.