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I have the same problem but in my case it’s my mother, who I claim as tax dependent . Also , this happen  for 2017 , 2018 and through this year.

i didn’t know that because my mother is my tax dependent, I didn’t  have pay this premium tax to insure an LDA, I just learned that couple weeks ago when I was reading some forms about  adding/dropping beneficiary from the medical insurance.. 

Sometimes we just trust our employers. In my case I just assumed that I had to pay  the premium tax for medical benefits.

The same way as the person before, they told me that could not do anything, just to make sure going forward  that I don’t have to pay  the premium tax anymore (imputed income)


How it would be the best way to handle this?

can I still ask for 2017, 2018 corrected W-2?

What’s I need do about this year from Jan until now?


Thank you so much