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Your state will accept your Federal extension.  The following is from your state


Federal Extension Filed
If you apply for a federal extension, you do not need to file a New Jersey extension application (Form NJ-630) as long as you meet the following conditions: 

  • At least 80% of your actual New Jersey tax liability shown on your return (Form NJ-1040, Line 43; Form NJ-1040NR, Line 40; Form NJ-1041, Line 28) has been paid through withholdings, estimated payments, or other payments by the original due date of the return;
  • Your New Jersey return is filed by the extended due date together with any balance of tax due;
  • A copy of your federal extension application (or confirmation number) is provided when you file your New Jersey return.

If you meet the conditions above, New Jersey will accept your federal application for extension. However, you must file a separate New Jersey extension, Form NJ-630, if you are required to make a payment to satisfy the 80% requirement. 

Civil union partners filing a joint return must either provide copies of the federal extension application (or confirmation number) for both partners, or they must file Form NJ-630.