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Get your taxes done using TurboTax

Hello this is Natasha Snyder I was wondering I use TurboTax for my taxes this year and I applied for the TurboTax card so I could get my income tax you know on that card instead of waiting for a check how come now I had to get a GreenDot card and how come now I had you guys just put my money aren't on without I notice of one date and time and why did it go on my GreenDot card instead of my TurboTax card because now I got pretty much robbed of my income tax money so please let me know how to go about it because I'm going to have to probably file charges against the person and I really need my money back so you guys are going to have to fix this so I need to dispute transaction and fraud cuz my card was stolen please let me know at what to do next procedure and if you need to call me my number is [phone number removed] thank you and have a great day