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Either you file MFS and let your parent's claim you, or your file MFJ and together on the joint return you two take your $24,000 standard deduction. If you are married on or before Dec 31 of the tax year, then any other filing status is not an available legal  option for you.

One thing to keep in mind is who files first. If your parents file first and claim you, then you will not be able to file MFJ or MFS and take your standard deduction.

Overall, it's really none of my business as to why you need to hide marriage from your parents anyway. But if the marriage is worth it, I would think it could wait until graduation maybe? We all have our opinions of course and I'm reluctant to post mine here since I don't know "the whole story" and I'm sure you don't want to post it in this public forum.

I guess my bottom line is, your parents are going to know something is up within 12 months of your marriage easily. If it's a problem, you can face the music now, or face it later. But you will face it. The longer you wait, the louder and more ear splitting that music will be most likely, too.

Overall, the way your pressing this, I suspect things have "happened" that ummmmmm,... for lack of a better word without coming out and saying it point blank.... "necessitate" the marriage within ohhhh... the next 9 months or so? 🙂

If I'm "close", then I would suggest you and the BF seek some counseling on campus for help in "breaking the news". I'm sure it's available for such a situation, because I can assure you that it would not be the first time that it's occurred with college students. I mean, you are after all, adults now, right?