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I am in the same boat. I have been waiting for my return since mid February. I feel like I’ve been given the runaround, finally today, the IRS told me they were waiting to verify my income...that they show no income at all for me. I went directly to my employer who says it was submitted by the deadline (which I believe) and that he has not been contacted by the IRS (which I believe). My employer will not contact the IRS unless contacted, and seems to think that I am a victim of some sort of scam. When I called the IRS back to ask if they have attempted to contact my employer, they were unable to give me that information or refer me to anyone who could. I was also told that if it’s not resolved within the 60 days allotted, it’ll go on another 60 days and if the income is not verified they will change my return to reflect that I didn’t earn any money at all! I tried to contact a tax advocate, and am waiting to see if they can help me in any way.
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