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I've never had a problem with TurboTax before. Even last year when my wife and I decided to file separately because of her student loans, I noticed TurboTax was more confusing and less intuitive than when we filed jointly. But I was still able to make my way through it and efile.

But this year was awful! In mid February, I tried efiling my return, but got the same message as everyone else to wait until March 17. I called TurboTax and the rep had absolutely no idea why I was getting the message. He didnt know if it was a TurboTax glitch, an IRS glitch, or a problem with my return. His advice was to just follow the directions of the error message and file again on March 17. So I took his advice and waited. I also decided to hold off on filing my wife's return in case I had to change something on my return that impacted her.

So I waited until March 17 and filed again. I was rejected again and got the same error message. So I called TurboTax a second time. And again the rep had no idea what the message was about. Her advice was to wait one more day and try again.

So I waited until the next day, March 18, and tried again. Again I was rejected and got the error message that the issue will be resolved on March 17. So I called Turbo Tax again and spoke with three different reps over the course of 2+ hours. None of them had any idea what the problem was or how to resolve it. The advice I got was to wait another couple of days and try again.

So I waited until March 21 and tried again. Again I was rejected. But this time the message said that there was no estimated resolution date and that I could either wait another couple days and try again or just print out the return and mail it.

I have had enough of this so I just printed out the return and mailed it. I didnt change anything or remove Form 2441. I am not claiming any child credit, but I do have a child care FSA amount on my W2 so I need Form 2441. (By the way, after we decided to mail my return, we pushed the button to efile my wife's return. That one was accepted. Go figure. We owed the IRS money on that return.)

Even if this is a glitch on the IRS side, this was a disgrace on Turbo Tax for not communicating what the issue is or what to do. The funny thing is that after every rejected return, I got an automated email from TurboTax saying not to worry and that they will walk me through correcting the issue every step of the way.

Anyway, I just put my return in the mailbox. I'll reply again when and if I get an update from the IRS. I have no idea how to find out if the IRS received my mailed return or what to do if they reject the mailed return.

Hugely disappointed in the TurboTax response to this issue.
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