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3/18 update: I tried re-filing around 7:00 pm and within the hour got an email notifying me that my return was still being rejected.  This time the response I got was:

"If filing status of the return is Married Filing Separately and Form 2441 'CreditForChildAndDepdCareAmt' has a non-zero value, then 'EligibilityRequirementMetInd' must be checked.

What needs to be done:
Due to a processing error on Form 2441, Child and Dependent Care Expenses, this return cannot be electronically filed. There is a value on form 2441, line 25, which is incorrectly causing this reject. The value is correct and should not be modified or deleted. At this time, there is no estimated resolution date for this problem. Your options are as follows: 1) You may print this return and file by mail. or 2) You may wait a few days, and resubmit the return for electronic filing. If the reject continues, you will need print and file this return by mail."

It seems like there is at least an acknowledgment that there's a glitch but all of us IDR people are really screwed!