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Do you people work for Turbo Tax? Are you even looking at my 2018 filed and rejected tax return,and that is why i need 2017's AGI ?

If you take the time to check your records you will see i have e-filed with you for at least the last 3 previous years, and have not had any problems with the IRS! I have no records my ex girlfriend threw them away on me!
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TurboTax is software for people to self prepare their tax returns, nobody from TurboTax has access to the details in your tax return.   

Are you asking how to view your prior year returns?  When you log into your TurboTax account, on the left side of the screen you should see Previous Taxes...are your returns listed in there?
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Get your taxes done using TurboTax

We are just other users posting here.
How to find the AGI   <a rel="nofollow" target="_blank" href=""></a>
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Get your taxes done using TurboTax

And we are responsible for your ex trashing your life?

This board is mainly occupied by volunteers, we can't see your tax return or any messages from the IRS.

To e-file, you need an e-file PIN or your adjusted gross income (AGI) from last year, either of which is used to verify your identity.

If you have used Turbotax year over year and log into the same account that you used last year, your AGI will automatically populate.

If you can't log into your account because you are missing your user name or password, you can try and recover your account here.  This will also help identify if you have more than one account.  

You can also get transcripts of past tax returns from the IRS, this will have last year's AGI and will also enable you to rebuild lost tax information.  Depending on the authentication method available to you, it might work immediately or the IRS might have to send you a letter that will take 5-10 days to get you online access to your account at the IRS.

Not all e-file rejection reasons are linked to your AGI, and not all rejections can easily be fixed.  If you get frustrated, you always have the option of printing your returns and mailing them.  (And in fact, if you filed late last season, your AGI might not even be in the database.  Try zero, or print and mail your returns.) Don't forget to also mail your state return if needed.

To gain access to an account you are locked out of, you can contact customer support.  Customer support may also be able to help with a rejected e-filed return.

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Get your taxes done using TurboTax

If IRS rejects your e-FIle,
your alternative is to file a paper return via US Mail.

That's the simplest course of action.