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@jtax - My comment had to do with a spouse filing for the deceased, not a POA.

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Joint Return
Generally, the personal representative and the
surviving spouse can file a joint return for the
decedent and the surviving spouse. However,
the surviving spouse alone can file the joint return
if no personal representative has been appointed
before the due date for filing the final
joint return for the year of death. This also
applies to the return for the preceding year if the
decedent died after the close of the preceding
tax year and before filing the return for that year.
The income of the decedent that was includible
on his or her return for the year up to the date of
death (see Income To Include, later) and the income
of the surviving spouse for the entire year
must be included in the final joint return.
A final joint return with the decedent can't be
filed if the surviving spouse remarried before
the end of the year of the decedent's death. The
filing status of the decedent in this instance is
married filing a separate return.
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