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Get your taxes done using TurboTax

You cannot donate your time and service to a charity, however you can donate the cost of your materials for your project for the church.

1.  Go to Federal, then Deductions and Credits.

2.  Select Charitable Donations, you'll see Donations to Charity in 2017, select.

3.  Answer YES, you want to make donations.

4.  Add the name of your church.

5.  Click ADD Items.  The next page will want to know How you want to value your items, choose "I'll value them".

6.  Enter the date of your receipts (if there are multiple ones, you can add individually or combine).

7.  The next page has a list of donation choices, choose Art - self-created.

8.  On the page that wants a description and value for the items,  6-foot Banners.  The value is the receipt totals.  And Present Value will be the Method Used to Determine.

9. Click on Done with this Donation.

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