How to pay IRS by check?
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How to pay IRS by check?

My accountant filed extension on April 17 for me and paid estimated tax by my bank account along with the extension application.

I have not yet finished my tax calculation completely but notice I owe more than I paid.  Before I file the tax in the future, I want to pay NOW to reduce penalty and interest.  My accountant no longer works for me.

How do I pay more by check? What information I should give along with the check so IRS know I am paying more for last year's tax?

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Get your taxes done using TurboTax

If you want to send in a paper check print out the 1040 voucher

If you want to do the same thing electronically use and make sure you indicate it is for the tax year 2017

Disclaimer: Not a tax professional. Information gathered from internet links. Anything dated in June 2019 was posted in prior years and is before the 2019 limits and changes.
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