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You may have small or no gain, depending on your selling expenses and how much the price might have appreciated.  Your gain is the difference between the cost basis and the sales proceeds.  The sales proceeds is the selling price minus real estate commission and any taxes, plus and sales fees that are customary in your market (such as if the seller pays for the survey or inspections.)  Staging and minor repairs don't count.

Your cost basis is the purchase price, plus certain closing costs that were not deductible, like inspections, deed recording fees, and bank and attorney fees.  You can also increase your cost basis by the cost of any permanent improvements or upgrades (new deck, new floors, roof, carpet, etc.)

Whatever is left as your gain, is taxed as a long term capital gains at 15%.  

Unless you qualify for a partial exclusion due to hardship.  This must be an unforeseen hardship that is forcing you to move before the two years, such as a job change or relocation.  Other examples are given in IRS publication 523. https://www.irs.gov/uac/about-publication-523