Level 15

Get your taxes done using TurboTax

If you are using online Turbotax (Deluxe or higher), here are 3 ways you can get to the interview screen to import from ItsDeductible.  See which one works for you.

  • Log in and open your return ("take me to my return.")
  • With the return open, click at the top on MY ACCOUNT, then choose TOOLS.
  • In the Tools window choose Topic Search.
  • Enter the word itsdeductible (without quotes), highlight the selection, and click GO.
  • Next screen asks:   "Did you make any donations to charity in 2016?"
  • When you say "yes", the next screen is:  "Do you have an account with ItsDeductible Online?"
  • Say "yes" and continue the interview.

Here's an alternate way to get there, just in case:

  • Log in and open your return ("take me to my return.")
  • When the return is open and past the blue "Simple and accurate" screen, click in the top right corner on SEARCH.
  • In the search box, search for donations (without quotes) and then click the “Jump to donations” link in the search results.
  • Answer Yes to Did you make any donations to charity? 
  • The next screen will ask if you have an ItsDeductible account.  Answer Yes.
  • Follow the instructions and import your donations.
Third method:  
Same as second method above, but in the Search box enter itsdeductible (without quotes), then click "Jump to ItsDeductible."

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