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How do I enter a 1099-DIV that only has an amount in box 1b?

The program came up with a "Check This Entry" message during review and would not allow me to file without putting an amount in for box 1a. Putting an amount in for box 1a caused an increase in my tax liability. This is a qualified dividend and should not be taxable based on my Tax Bracket. Unfortunately, I did not catch this until after I filed so I will have to file an amendment I started the amendment process and continue to have the same problem.

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Qualified dividends can only be a portion or all of regular dividends.  They can be any amount up to the total of regular dividends. The form you were issued was filled out incorrectly and you did indeed need to have the regular dividends in order  to have any Qualified dividends.

If you entered the same amount of Regular and Qualified Dividends, you should go to Forms on the upper right and then open the Qualified Dividends and Capital Gains Tax form showing on the left to see if any tax is being calculated on the Qualified Dividends.  It may not be the Qualified dividends at all that are causing the increase in tax.  The regular dividend amount changes your Adjusted Gross Income, taxable or not, and any change in Gross Income can result in other changes in your return that cause a tax increase.  Before you amend the return, you need to print out a copy of the 1040 and related schedules 1 through 6 before entering the regular dividend and after.  Compare them line by line to see what changed in your return.

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