I filed February 17 via TurboTax and claimed a chi...
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I filed February 17 via TurboTax and claimed a childcare deduction.  The Feds already deposited my refund.  3 weeks after filing (5 March), I received a letter from the OR revenue service requesting additional documents regarding the childcare deduction.  4 weeks further along (as of today--29 March), I called and spoke with them.  They said that they have received all required documents from us and that as soon as they did receive those documents, they placed my file back into the queue.  So the clock of them processing my return was restarted once they received those documents.  They are manually processing my returns, so who knows when I will see my ~$3500 refund!?  According to my friend that works in an accountant's office, for some reason, the State is being more persnickety about the childcare deductions and that every one of their clients that have claimed that deduction have gone through the same thing.  I just hope they don't take 4-5 months like some of the other commenters are citing--I'm a full time graduate student AND working parent and rely on those refunds to get to us in a timely manner.
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