Yes, unless the income is considered a gift, you n...
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Yes, unless the income is considered a gift, you need to report all income that is subject to US taxation on your tax return. The $600 limit is just the IRS requirement for Form 1099-MISC to be considered necessary to file by the payer.

You will report this income as other miscellaneous income on line 21 of your 1040. This income will not be subject to self-employment taxes.

To enter your other income as other miscellaneous income:

  1. Click on the “Federal Taxes” tab ("Personal" tab in TurboTax Home & Business)
  2. Next click on “Wages and Income”
  3. Next click on "jump to full list" or “I’ll choose what I work on”
  4. Scroll down the screen until to come to the section “Less Common Income”
  5. Choose "show more", then Miscellaneous Income
  6. Choose "Other Reportable Income" and enter this information here under other taxable income (screenshot)

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