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1099-MISC for Caregiver paid by a family members irrevocable trust, how to declare the income.

My 65 year old mentally disabled uncle (mothers brother) lives with me. If he did not live with me, he would be in an assisted living facility. I am not engaged in a trade or business of providing care giving services, I am just doing it because I can and he is family. He can bath himself, feed himself, dress himself, etc. The services that I provide him are driving him to and from a senior center/adult daycare 5 days a week, doing his laundry, cooking all meals, cleaning his room, making bed, etc. His father, my Grandfather, has an irrevocable trust that provides me with $50,000 per year in compensation as his Caregiver. I receive 12 monthly installments, and I am paid on a 1099-MISC under block 7, non-employee compensation. The IRS states at that I should not enter the income as self-employment income, but on line 21 of form 1040 under other income. I was told that by TurboTax that I qualify to exclude this income due to IRS notice 2014-7, and even though this notice was regarding Certain Medicaid Waiver Payments May Be Excludable From Income, the payment from the trust applies...   My questions. Am I correct that this income should not be considered self-employment income?  Am I correct that I should include the income on line 21 of form 1040?  Is TurboTax correct that I can deduct all $50,000 on line 21 as well?  Thanks in advance!