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Yes, if you intend to declare the income of $8000 you earned from your side job, you are considered self employed. You will enter both the W-2 income and the self employment income in your personal return. The self employment income will be reported on Schedule C.

In order to enter Self Employment income into TurboTax

  • Login to your TurboTax online account
  • Click Take me to my return or pick up where I left off
  • In the search box (located in the upper right hand corner), type the words Schedule C
  • Click the Jump to Schedule C link that appears in the search results
  • This will take you to the self employment area of TurboTax. Enter your side job income as well as any qualified related expenses.

This TurboTax FAQ link below provides more information on how to assess whether you are self employed or not:

TurboTax FAQ - What self employed expenses are deductible: