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If I work as an idependent contractor on the same day as a regular job, what miles would be considered a "commute"?

Instacart recently came to my area and I've signed up as a full service shopper (FSS). In my area, FSS's are considered independent contractors.

Currently, and for the foreseeable future, I work a regular job prior to my scheduled Instacart hours. I know that my commute to my regular job is not deductible, but what about the "commutes" to my first store from my regular job and from my last store/client home?

I would assume that the "commute" to the first store could easily be classified as a commute between jobs.

The "commute" home is where I'm stuck. Currently, I track it as a "regular" commute, but if that last "commute" is really deductible, then I can go into my MileIQ dashboard and reclassify and stop manually re-entering the two drives to split off the "commute."