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If I work as an idependent contractor on the same day as a regular job, what miles would be considered a "commute"?

Instacart recently came to my area and I've signed up as a full service shopper (FSS). In my area, FSS's are considered independent contractors.

Currently, and for the foreseeable future, I work a regular job prior to my scheduled Instacart hours. I know that my commute to my regular job is not deductible, but what about the "commutes" to my first store from my regular job and from my last store/client home?

I would assume that the "commute" to the first store could easily be classified as a commute between jobs.

The "commute" home is where I'm stuck. Currently, I track it as a "regular" commute, but if that last "commute" is really deductible, then I can go into my MileIQ dashboard and reclassify and stop manually re-entering the two drives to split off the "commute."

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The mileage from your home to your first employment of the day, and the last employment of the day to home are considered commuting and not deductible.  So, suppose you go to work, then from work to store A, then from store A to store B, then home.  The mileage from work to store A, and from store A to store B is considered a valid deduction for the purposes of your business.