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Get your taxes done using TurboTax

After you have made changes to your tax return, the "Download/print pdf" on your TurboTax homepage does not update right away. You can print an updated copy by going to My Account (top of program) > Print Center. Follow these steps.

To print a copy of your updated return with your updates/changes:

  • Sign in to your account with the same login you used to file your return.
    • If you can't remember, go here so we can help you get log in.
  • Once you're signed in, click "My TurboTax" in the top-left corner. Then click "My Tax Timeline."
  • Scroll to the bottom for "Some things you can do."
  • From here, click on "Add a state" (you will not actually add a state, this is just a way to get you back into the return without amending it).
  • Once you are in the tax return, click on "My Account" (top of program), then "Print Center"
  • Next, click on "Print, save or preview this year's return"

Printing directly from the Print Center will allow you to print the most updated version of your return with the changes you have made.

Don't Forget to "Save & sign out" when done. 

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