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Form 8379 (Injured Spouse) is filed when the overpayment on your jointly filed tax return was (or is expected to be) applied to a past-due obligation of your spouse. By filing Form 8379, you may be able to get back your share of the joint refund.
The IRS advises that you should allow an additional eleven weeks to process your return, leading to similar delays in any refund you are due.
To find the Injured Spouse section in Turbo Tax, click on Federal Taxes (on the top menu bar) and then Other Tax Situations.  When the page opens, scroll down to the bottom and select the very last item, Miscellaneous Tax Forms.  When the list of miscellaneous forms opens up, look for "Report an injured or innocent spouse claim".  As you work through the form be sure you only answer the Injured Spouse questions (not the Innocent Spouse questions). 
Note:  You will need to click through several pages of Innocent Spouse questions before you get to the Injured Spouse section.