Level 13

Get your taxes done using TurboTax

Well, I am not sure what screen you are looking for, if it is not the one I showed...but one of the "opportunities" with TurboTax's dynamic screen flow is that it can sometimes be a challenge to get back to where you were...


To your new question, yes, you can "reset" by deleting all your HSA data and starting over.  This is the process:

1. make a copy of your W-2(s) (if you don't have the paper copies)

2. delete your W-2(s) (use the garbage can icon next to the W-2(s) on the Income screen

*** Desktop***

3. go to View (at the top), choose Forms, and select the desired form. Note the Delete Form button at the bottom of the screen.

*** Online ***

3. go to Tax Tools (on the left), and navigate to Tools->Delete a form

4. delete form(s) 1099-SA (if one), 8889-T, and 8889-S (if one)

5. go back and re-add your W-2(s), preferably adding them manually

6. go back and redo the entire HSA interview.