I'm on H1B, spouse on F1 OPT, married filing joint...
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I'm on H1B, spouse on F1 OPT, married filing jointly, how to handle spouse's social security and medicare taxes?

Spouse's employer did not withhold social security and medicare taxes, which is correct. When using TurboTax and choosing "Married filing jointly" the tool calculates that we have to pay the social security and medicare taxes after uploading spouse's W-2. When Sprintax was used, it shows the same. 

IRS website mentions:

"You and your spouse are treated, for federal income tax purposes, as residents for all tax years that the choice is in effect. However, for Social Security and Medicare tax withholding purposes, the nonresident alien may still be treated as a nonresident alien. Refer to Aliens Employed in the U.S. – Social Security Taxes."


Is there a way in TurboTax/Sprintax to indicate that my spouse is a non-resident alien so that the taxes are calculated correctly in the software?

If not, what is the correct way/tool/filing status to use in this scenario? Please suggest! Any reply is much appreciated.

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