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Stock options sold in 2017 appearing as income within W2 in box 1 yet I received a 1099B. Should I not pay double tax?

I sold stock options in 2017 that I received when I joined the company in 2015. It appears in my W2 in boxes 1 (incorporated with my salary), 5, 12 (V), and 14 (STOCK). It also states it in a table that our payroll provider places in their W2 showing this and other things that effects box 1 (eg, 401k). All taxes were paid for at the time of the sale and are incorporated as part of box 2. I did however receive a 1099B and if I enter that information as well I am now getting double taxed.

What is the best way to work around this? Step by step (click here, select this, etc.) would be great.

Thank you for your help.

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