I received a 1099-Misc and a w2 from the same empl...
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I received a 1099-Misc and a w2 from the same employer who treated me as an employee. Should I be ok if I report it on the 8919 with code H?

I am wanting to be sure the information I have researched will be adequate for me doing my taxes correctly. I received a 1099-MISC and a w2 from the same employer. The employer treated us like employees. The employer controlled all aspects of the job.  I match the definition of employee according to the IRS definition of employee. The Employer controlled how I did the job, how trained in doing the job,  how I received my pay, how much paid, and when I was expected to leave for the job.

On the 1099-MISC box number seven is filled out and is the only box filled.

Should I be safe with filing taxes using the 8919 code H?

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