Thanks for @dmertz and @rjs for providing links to...
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Get your taxes done using TurboTax

Thanks for @dmertz and @rjs for providing links to the latest federal manual updates for 2008-2013. Extremely helpful with reinstallations.
Can anyone help me source California State manual update files for 2012 and 2013?
I purchase the "Federal & State Returns" retail CD version of TT Home & Business every year and need to add the CA State return functionality to at least 2012 and 2013 reinstallations, however the Online, Download State, "Let's Complete Your Purchase Online" option within the software fails with message "We’re having trouble processing your request." I have exhausted Intuit's online support offerings without success.
My understanding after a bit of research is that the latest files may be the following.
Can anyone offer a sourcing suggestion? Thanks
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