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Can I pay tax by bank account? First time tax filer!

I have never filed any tax return in the U.S. I owe 20k income tax for year 2017 that is supposed to be paid off before April 17 2018 deadline. I also need to pay estimated tax 6k for first quarter of 2018 before April 17.

I just opened a new U.S bank account several days ago and there is now enough balance inside to pay. I have not yet received the debit card that is being mailed to me. I don't have check either. What I do have is the money inside and routing number and account number.


I checked https://www.irs.gov/payments


"Direct Pay With Bank Account" requires previous tax filing information to authenticate. I don't have that so I cannot use it. Debit card? No, I have not yet received the debit card. Credit card? No. The fee is too high. Wire transfer? No. fees high!


Will the two options "Electronic Federal Tax Payment System", "Electronic Funds Withdrawal" work for me? Which option does not require previous year's filing information to authenticate, which first-time filer like me does not have?