Level 7

Get your taxes done using TurboTax

You can enter your estimated taxes paid in 2016 - payments you made to go toward your 2016 federal or state tax liability (Form 1040-ES), by using the search feature in the top right hand corner of your screen and searching for "estimated tax payments" and click the "jump to" link.  Make sure you are inside your return before searching (click the Take Me to My Return button if you are just logging in).  This will bring you right to the appropriate section.

Or, you can also find the section by clicking on the following tabs:
  • Federal Taxes
  • Deductions and Credits
  • You may have to click “Ill Choose what to work on” or "Show All" or "Check for More Credits" to get full list to appear
  • Scroll down to Estimates and Other Taxes Paid
  • Scroll down to Estimates, click Start/Update/Revisit to the right of this category (see screenshot below)
  • Enter your 2016 Paid Estimated Taxes