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You cannot e-file returns where the W-2 box 1 is blank or box 16 exceeds box 1

You may want to contact the issuer of the form to determine whether this form is accurate and complete. Otherwise - you can file, but you must file by mail.

To change your filing method:

  1. Sign In - Continue your/take me to my return
  2. Go to File (upper right)
  3. (Complete Steps 1 and 2) Start Step 3
  4. Select File by mail to open the Change filing methods window. Choose from E-file, File by mail, or I'm not ready to file for federal and all of your states.

    : Continue to Transmit (my) Returns Now. When you see Transmission Successful, you're done! 
    File By Mail: Print off your finalized return - mail it to the address provided on your Filing Instructions 

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