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Yes, as long as you have already efiled the federal return, you can efile the state return. The federal return must be efiled before you can file the state return. 

If you selected to mail the federal return, then you will need to also mail the state return.

Please see the instructions below for opening the tax return so you can file the state return.

  • Sign in to your TurboTax Online account.
  • From the "Welcome home" box on the left, Click on "Visit My Tax Timeline" below the "Download/print" return button.
  • Under SOME THINGS YOU CAN DO click on Add a state. (You are not adding a state to your return.  By choosing this option it will allow us to open up your return.)
  • On the Tax Timeline, click "State Taxes".
  • Continue through the state return interview process.
  • Click "Print & File" when you are ready to file the state return.
  • Select "File a Return".
  • Select "You’re Ready to E-file".
    • Under Federal check Do Not E-file my Federal Return now, I’ll do it later. 

    • Under State check E-file my State Return now.