Level 15

Get your taxes done using TurboTax

You can pay in advance now to lock in the current discounted price of 89.99 for a Federal return in Self-Employed Edition.   If you have started a state return, it should also lock it at 36.99 instead of 39.99.

Here's how:

  • Open your return ("Take me to my return.")
  • In the left menu column, click on TAX TOOLS, then Print Center.
  • Then choose "Print/save/preview this year's return."  You won't actually have to print it.
  • On the next screen choose to "Pay now".
  • The next screen should be an Order Summary.  Review that, and if all is OK, click Continue.
  • It should then prompt you for payment by credit or debit card.  The screen only says "credit card", but it will take a debit card.
NOTE:  If it should offer you the option to "pay later" out of the Federal refund, that can't be used for this unlocking purpose.  You will need to pay now by credit/debit card.