Also, it doesn't matter if grandma provided 90% of...
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Also, it doesn't matter if grandma provided 90% of his support, the rest came from scholarships and one percent came from the parents. If the student is your qualifying child dependent, then the parents claim the student as a dependent, and the parents also get to claim all the educational expenses. Remember, there is nothing in the IRS Pub 970 that says the parent has to provide more than 50% of the student's support. The pub says that the student provides *less* than 50% of their *own* support, and it that scholarships and grants do not count as the student providing their own support.
You may wish to use the IRS tool at <a rel="nofollow" target="_blank" href="">> to see just what credits you qualify to claim. The TT program figures all this automatically for you. But using the tool for piece of mind doesn't hurt.
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