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Get your taxes done using TurboTax

This year, turbo tax has 2 places where you could input your husband's fellowship income.  I think you can choose to enter the fellowship income in either one place or the other.  

One option is that you would have to go through the education section (under credits and deductions). In the end you can enter your taxable fellowship.

The other alternative is to "Visit All" the "Less Common Income" topics.  If you visit all these topics, one type of less common income they'll ask for is "Taxable Scholarships and Fellowships."  There it says :  "If you are not a candidate for a degree, then scholarship, fellowship, and grant income are taxable and should be reported here.  Enter the amount of taxable scholarship, fellowship, and grant income you received."

It will be added to line 7 on form 1040 (and SCH <amount> will be written next to it).