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No, the income must be shown under the spouse that earned the income.  Once you have your return completed you can add the injured spouse form and TurboTax will send all the income to the appropriate spouse. Select the correct spouse for each W2 or other income.

  • Reminders:  
  1. If the injured spouse is the only one with income all of the refund will be released after IRS review of the Form 8379.  
  2. If there is income from both spouses, the IRS will apportion the refund and some will be released.
  3. If the injured spouse had no income, the refund will not be released.
  4. If you are not in a community property state, and both of you have income, you can divide exemptions up any way you see fit. It is possible the IRS may make some adjustments based on the income levels for each of you.  Let them do that when they receive it.  
  5. The standard deduction must be split between you so you can't change that part. 
  6. Review the screenshot attached for the initial important answers.
  • My Account > Tools > Topic Search > Type injured spouse > Go 
  • Select the right person for injured spouse, the one with no debt (this can hold it up if you select the person who owes the debt).
  • Click on the images attached to enlarge and view for assistance.