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Yes, if you paid commissions to others to produce income from Lyft or Uber you can enter that as an expense. As a reminder, if you paid any one individual $600 or more you must issue a Form 1099-MISC to those individuals.  You will be asked while completing your business activity and TurboTax will allow you to go to Quick Employer Forms without an additional fee.

This can be completed in TurboTax, after signing into your return by following the steps below.

  1. Click "Take me to my return"
  2. Select the "Federal"  in the black navigation panel on left
  3. Select Income & Expenses at the top
  4. Select Self Employment Income and Expenses
  5. Follow the screens to enter your business income and expenses > select "Edit/Add"
  6. Scroll down to select "Add expenses for this work"
  7. Scroll to select "Less common expenses"
  8. Scroll to select "Commissions" > select the category and enter your expense
  9. Click the image attached to enlarge and view for assistance.
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