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Seems other than the quarterly tax payment itself, NO filled form is required to be submitted quarterly along with the payment? The form 1040-ES is only for information, instructions and tax worksheet to compute how much tax one should pay. The worksheet is for one's own records only, not required to be submitted at all? The only one that might be submitted is the Payment Vouchers (on the last several pages of the 1040-ES, that is used to accurately identify and record payment by IRS), if one is making a payment of estimated tax by check or money order?

I was ever confused about this because when one is supposed to file a tax return for the entire year, there is Penalty for late filing (mid-April) and late payment respectively. However, as for the quarterly estimated tax, since no form is required to be submitted, it's meaningless to distinguish such two penalties

So if someone missed due dates to pay quarterly tax last year, the only thing he can make up for this is to just make payment ASAP, no specific forms are required to be submitted to reduce penalty


Any tax expert here can confirm my understanding above is correct?? I appreciate!