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Get your taxes done using TurboTax

There seems to be a bug with Turbo Tax on-line.  I received a W2 from my S-Corp for the premiums paid.  The S-Corp shows a loss for the year, but that should not affect my ability to deduct the premiums above the line on 29.  The W2 wages are properly entered.  The K1 is properly entered as S-Corp form 11200S.  I did materially participate.  I did click the box "I personally paid health insurance and/or long-term care insurance premiums for myself and my family and this S corporation paid me wages."  I did enter my premiums (equal to my W2 income) in the box "Health Insurance Premiums You Paid Personally".  How can I get the system to deduct the premiums on line 29 instead of them being thrown in with my itemized deductions?