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Get your taxes done using TurboTax

I agree it is misleading and deceptive! I have always used Turbotax and so has most of my family. I will no longer use them and have warned my family. If they feel it is OK to "trick" people, and basically steal $40 from me, then I will no longer do business with them. I read and understood their notice about deducting the 39.99 for me, as that was the ONLY thing they would deduct. I did not realize that was in addition to the 39.99 they were already billing me. And interesting enough, it is not mentioned ANYWHERE in any paperwork they give you at the end. I cannot find it anywhere when I log back in. Under my charges it only lists the initial $39.99 I agreed to. It is so wrong of them to mislead customers. I hope more people complain and start a class action law suit.