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Wages you earned outside of Massachusetts meaning?

Filing my 2021 taxes and I am confused by this question. 


"Based on your W-2(s) and entries, here's what we have for wages you earned outside of Massachusetts. If the wages you earned outside of Massachusetts is different, make an adjustment below. (This is not common)"


TurboTax auto-filled my entire income shown on my W2 from my employer.


I lived in CT and worked in MA for the entire year of 2021. My income from my MA place of employment was my only income. Is this question referring to my wages earned being a CT resident, or wages earned from my MA place of employment? It seems like I should be entering $0 since my income was earned from MA. While I lived in CT I didn't earn any income from any source in CT but only MA.

I also neglected to change my address with my employer for most of the year. So MA has taken the majority of my tax withholdings. But when I enter the tax withholdings paid to MA, CT shows that they are going to refund me a couple thousand dollars. But I don't get why CT would be refunding me any money when I only paid a couple hundred to CT and instead paid MA thousands in paycheck withholdings. Shouldn't MA be giving me a refund and CT be expecting payment?