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FAQ - Account Creation

What is an Intuit account?

An Intuit account is the account you use to access any of Intuit’s products, including TurboTax, Mint, and QuickBooks, as well as future products Intuit may offer. You must have an Intuit account before you can access any Intuit products. Your account includes the User ID and password you provide to sign up and sign in, as well as the email address, phone number, and other contact information you provide. You can use the same User ID and password for every Intuit product you choose to use. Your Intuit account information will be accessible through any Intuit product you may use.

When do I use my Intuit account?

Use your Intuit account to sign up for any Intuit product and to sign in when you return. In some cases, we may ask you to enter your Intuit account User ID and password to access certain parts of our service, to take certain actions in our service, or to sync your account information. You’ll have access to your Intuit account information from any Intuit product you use.

Am I signed up for all Intuit products when I create an Intuit account?

No, you will need to sign up separately when you first use an Intuit product you have not used before. An Intuit account enables you to use the same User ID and password for fast and easy set up.

What’s the benefit of an Intuit account?

An Intuit account gives you the power to manage your finances across all Intuit products you use. It allows you to access all Intuit products, including TurboTax, QuickBooks, and Mint, through a single account. For example, this means you need only one User ID and password. When you update your Intuit account information, it will be updated across all products you use so you will not need to update account information in each separate product. In addition, where available, you may choose to import your information from one product to another, without having to re-enter it.

Will I need to create another Intuit account when I want to use a different Intuit product?

No, you don’t need to create a new account each time you sign up for an Intuit product. All you need is one Intuit account. You can use your existing Intuit account to sign up for any other Intuit product.

What if I only use one Intuit product?

An Intuit account works with one or multiple Intuit products. If you use only one Intuit product, you can use your Intuit account with just that product. Your Intuit account information will be accessible to you through any Intuit product you use.

Can I choose to have more than one Intuit account?

Yes. You may choose to create another Intuit account. Please be aware that if you choose to create more than one account, your account information will not automatically update across all Intuit products you use.

How can I protect my Intuit account?

You can start by choosing a strong password and keeping it safe. Don’t share your User ID or password with others. Learn more about how to protect your Intuit account by visiting our Online Security Center.

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