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How do I prepare requested IRS documents for upload?

SOLVEDby TurboTax46Updated December 13, 2023

If you become aware that the IRS is questioning a tax credit on your return, you can upload proof to substantiate your claim. An agent will give you permission, usually in a letter, to use the system. The tax credits most questioned by the IRS are the Earned Income Credit, the Child Tax Credit, and the Premium Tax Credit. The IRS is expanding the program to handle more notices this year.

Read your letter and determine what you are being asked to upload. TurboTax has a support center to help you with your letter or notice. If you received a CP-75 or CP-75A, the IRS has additional information here.

You can upload multiple files to the IRS. You can use photographs (such as those taken by your mobile device) or upload scans of your documents. The file types that the IRS accepts are .pdf, .jpg, .jpeg, or .png. A .pdf file is currently limited to 120 pages. In addition:  

  1. It's wise to write the last name and Social Security number of the primary taxpayer at the top of each page. Alternatively, you could include the IRS inquiry number found on the notice.
  2. You may need to group items to create one file. For example, put all pay stubs into one file, named pay stubs, and all your child care documentation in another file, named child care. You'll now have two files. Save and label all files for upload.
  3. Make sure all images are clear. Retake or scan any file that is not clear to avoid rejection.
  4. If you received a letter from the IRS, remember to include your letter, sign it, and date it.
  • If you received a CP-75 or CP-75A you can upload documents here
  • If you received another letter or phone instructions, you should use the link given to you
  1. Enter in the URL address yourself, rather than using a link for security purposes
    • If you received a letter, the letter will have the website address and may have a code to enter
    • If you spoke with someone, use the website address you were given and you'll select that you were directed by a phone assistor
    • Make sure the URL address uses irs.gov
  2. You'll know you're in the correct place when you see this warning, “THIS U.S. GOVERNMENT SYSTEM IS FOR AUTHORIZED USE ONLY!” 
  3. Select OK
  4. On Privacy Statement screen, select OK

There's some variation in the websites and you'll need to follow the prompts beyond this point for uploading your documents. Both websites require your name and Social Security number before you can upload files.

You should receive confirmation that your upload has been submitted to the IRS. Once received, allow enough time for processing. If more information is needed, the IRS will send additional correspondence.

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