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Military Filing Information on State Websites

SOLVEDby TurboTax2041Updated March 10, 2022

Active duty military file their tax returns in their state of legal residence (SLR)—usually their home of record state. For more information on active duty military and their state of legal residence, see State Military Filing Rules.

Each state decides whether a service member must file a return when they are stationed outside their resident state.

See the table below for links to state websites. The first column of links will take you to the active duty military filing information for each state.

A nonmilitary spouse of a service member who qualifies under Military Spouse Residency Relief Act (MSRRA) can choose to keep that same legal residence as the military spouse.

For information on guidance for each state when dealing with MSRRA, see the second column of links below.

If a spouse does not qualify and/or does not choose MSRRA, they are considered a resident of the current state they are living in depending on the resident rules of that state.

StateActive Duty MilitaryMSRRA
AlabamaClick hereClick here
ArizonaClick hereClick here
ArkansasClick hereClick here
CaliforniaClick hereClick here
North CarolinaClick hereClick here
South CarolinaClick hereClick here 
ColoradoClick hereClick here
ConnecticutClick hereClick here
North DakotaClick hereClick here
DelawareClick hereClick here
District of ColumbiaClick hereClick here
GeorgiaClick hereClick here
HawaiiClick hereClick here
IdahoClick hereClick here
IllinoisClick hereClick here
IndianaClick hereClick here
IowaClick hereClick here
KansasClick hereClick here
KentuckyClick hereClick here
LouisianaClick hereClick here
MaineClick hereClick here
MassachusettsClick hereClick here
MarylandClick hereClick here
MichiganClick hereClick here
MinnesotaClick hereClick here
MississippiClick hereClick here
MissouriClick hereClick here
MontanaClick hereClick here
NebraskaClick hereClick here
New JerseyClick hereClick here
New YorkClick hereClick here
New MexicoClick hereClick here
OhioClick hereClick here
OklahomaClick hereClick here
OregonClick hereClick here
PennsylvaniaClick hereClick here
Rhode IslandClick hereClick here
UtahClick hereClick here
VermontClick hereClick here 
VirginiaClick hereClick here
West VirginiaClick hereClick here
WisconsinClick hereClick here

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