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How do I create a CSV file for an unsupported source?

SOLVEDby TurboTax6Updated 3 days ago

If TurboTax doesn’t support the source of your crypto activity, create a CSV file of your transactions using our template. 

  1. Download the TurboTax universal template
    • You can use your own CSV file, but make sure to follow step 3
  2. Export your digital asset transactions into a CSV file from each one of your unsupported sources.
    • Check to see if your source provides the ability to export to CSV. This is usually found on an activity, history, or taxes page. If your source doesn’t provide this, you can try blockchain explorers like Etherscan
  3.  Transform your transaction data so TurboTax can read it
    • The column headers in your CSV file must match one of the accepted names, though it’s not case sensitive. We also recommend keeping them on the first row
    • Use one of the TurboTax-supported transaction types. If you're not sure what type the transaction is, use Other
    • Make sure every transaction has a value for the Date and Transaction Type. These are the only mandatory values for each transaction
    • If you don’t  know the market value of the digital asset for a transaction, leave it blank. TurboTax will automatically look up a price for your transaction
    • Negative numbers will cause the upload to fail
    • Limit your numbers to 8 decimal places  (for example 0.12345678)

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