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TurboTax FAQ
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What if I e-filed before the April 18, 2017 deadline but my return got rejected?

That depends on your situation. Here’s what to do:

If You’re Getting a Refund
You have until October 21, 2017 to resubmit your return by e-file

If you can't get your e-file to go through, you have until April 18, 2020 (that's right, 2020) to paper-file and claim your 2016 refund. (If you got an extension, you’ll have until October 16, 2020.) 

  • Be sure to meet this deadline, however. For any return filed after this 2020 deadline, you will forfeit your refund to the government. 

With a tax refund, you won't be charged a late-filing penalty, but the sooner you file the sooner you'll get your money.

If You Owe Taxes
If you e-filed before April 18, 2017, but your return got rejected, you only have until April 23, 2017 to file without incurring possible penalties. Your options are:

  • You can try to e-file again after fixing the reason for rejection.      
    • Keep in mind: If you try to e-file again and are rejected after April 23, you will be considered late and subject to interest and penalties. (E-file is available through October 21, whether or not you filed an extension. After October 21, all taxpayers must print and mail their return.)
  • You can print and mail your return along with your payment. You have until April 23 to do this. See Related Information below for instructions on printing your return in your version of TurboTax.
  • You can also pay your taxes at IRS Direct Pay by April 23. This is free and it also gives you an extension to file your actual return by October 21.