TurboTax FAQ
TurboTax FAQ
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Can I get the TurboTax State e-filing fee refunded (CD/Download versions) if my return got rejected?

Because the TurboTax State e-filing fee (CD/Download versions only) covers transmission cost and does not guarantee acceptance, it's our policy to not issue refunds for e-filing fees except in these special circumstances:

  • You are unable to e-file because of a tax situation your state agency doesn't support;
  • We instructed you to enter an override in your state return as a workaround to a known product issue;
  • A known program error or state agency problem prevents you from successfully e-filing your state return;
  • You were accidentally charged a second e-filing fee when you resubmitted your state return, in which case we'll gladly refund the duplicate charge.

Should one of these situations apply to you, please contact us for a refund.